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“…serious pipes…and a decent actor too…”

Character Voice Demo

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Where Is Carmen
Real games and products I have voiced from the villainous to the cuddly.

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Narration Demo

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Short and sweet, no hard-sell. Coincidentaly all recorded in home studio.


VoiceOver Demo

Posted by Mel On August - 5 - 20091 COMMENT

Commercials voice over (spoken)

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Jingle Demo

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Commercials I’ve sung on…
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Serious Pipes

Posted by Mel On July - 27 - 20091 COMMENT

Serious Pipes Demo Logo
A demo I prepared as an audition for Cirque du Soleil. More lyrical, off-beat, tribal and extreme than my Jingle Singer demo. Includes cuts from my work with Ray Lynch, Phil Shroeder, John MacKay and others. Don’t miss the high tenor E-flat and the Basso Profundo contra G.

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Playing Doctor

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sarah_chalkeI’ll tell you right up front, this is a bait and switch.

Have I ever acted with Sarah Chalke?    Not that I know of.
Do we both come from Musical Theater backgrounds?    Yes.
Can she speak German better than I?   Undoubtedly.

Have we both acted in Scrubs?…maybe.

Do you want to click and see what the connection is?…I know you do!

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Twisted Metal

Posted by Mel On June - 15 - 20092 COMMENTS
Calypso The World Will Be My Battleground TM2

“The world will be my battleground, there will be no survivors.  I promise you that.

Welcome driver…

…to Twisted Metal.”

… ah Calypso, I guess my most notorious voiced character.   Thank you David Jaffe for concocting the suave creep and Buzz Burrowes for the perfect voice-direction.  The scary part is that nowadays…I kinda look like him! Mwaahahaha…

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